1. Enterprise culture strategy committees and other related departments should be set up within the enterprise, which should be under the responsibility of a special person (preferably the top leader of the enterprise), and a corporate culture executive group should be set up in cooperation with a professional advisory body.
2. Investigate and analyze the current situation, industry situation, competition situation and ultimate goal of the enterprise, and get the necessity of the existence of the enterprise and the requirement of the development of the enterprise.
3. Summarize and summarize the enterprise's vision, mission, spirit, concept, strategy and slogan scientifically and artistically.
4. According to the conceptual level and the actual needs of enterprises, design the enterprise behavior norms, including staff behavior norms, service norms, production norms, crisis management norms, ceremonies, ceremonies and so on.
5. To carry out the enterprise image system planning, the professional design organizations should generally be invited to do so. To ensure that the design meets the requirements of art, internationalization, high recognition, industry and so on.
6. Corporate culture is the spiritual wealth and material form created by the production, operation and management activities of an enterprise under certain conditions. It includes cultural concepts, values, enterprise spirit, ethics, codes of conduct, historical traditions, enterprise system, cultural environment, enterprise products, etc. Values are the core of corporate culture.
The State and Style of Enterprise Culture
1. Vigorous corporate culture. Its characteristics are: reorganization, pursuit of innovation, clear objectives, external orientation, good communication from top to bottom, strong sense of responsibility.
2. Stagnation corporate culture. The characteristics are: eager for quick success and instant benefit, no ambitious goal, self-interest tendency, self-preservation, internal orientation, slow action and irresponsibility.
3. Bureaucratic corporate culture. Characteristic is: routine, official articles.