Talents are our most precious wealth. The door of our company is open to all talents. The criterion of choice is whether we have the sense of innovation and the spirit of continuous progress. The core of our management model has changed from traditional asset management to knowledge management. The assets, projects, posts, markets and other physical capital of enterprises are all moving around talents. Now the recruitment strategy of our company is not to adapt talents to the company, but to activate human capital and other capital elements by actively adapting talents. This action mechanism with human capital as the core makes every expansion and fission of our company bring immeasurable capital expansion and benefit growth.

In our company, whether you are an ordinary staff or a general technical staff, and no matter where you are in the position, as long as you have genuine talent and genuine ability, you may become the company's reusable talents. Our company always attaches great importance to talents as the foundation of enterprise development, and always gives talents a broad sky to soar. We abide by the principle of loving, using and cultivating talents. The competitive mechanism of our company is to let the competent, the fair and the mediocre go down. The consistent policy of our company is to retain people for career, interests and emotions. Is a talented person, come to our company will certainly make great achievements. The principle of our company is to "discover talents, eliminate mediocre talents and retain talents". The elimination system implemented by technical developers will eliminate the less successful personnel every year, replaced by new candidates, and promote the outstanding ones.

Our company's talent concept is to make every employee a useful talent. Our company's decision-makers and leaders have always regarded themselves as part of the talent group, rather than as the Savior who is superior to others. To make talents feel their value, the corresponding treatment is undoubtedly still one of the important standards. Our company exposed to all talents is such a broad mind: give you a space, let you play to the fullest, until you find that their ability is not enough.

Friends, Division I is your stage to show your talents!