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For headphone users, especially those who have just started this field and are very interested in it, there is always a word "cooker". In fact, this is relatively easy to understand, just like automobiles, many things need a certain degree of running-in to achieve maturity, play a better effect.
Text label:Teach you how to use headphones scientifically
For headphone users, especially those who have just started this field and are very interested in it, there is always a word "cooker". In fact, this is relatively easy to understand, just like automobiles, many things need a certain degree of running-in to achieve maturity, play a better effect. So the earphone cooker is also considered very necessary, and whether it is among enthusiasts or entry-level users, there are always many people think that this is a very magical thing, the cooker can greatly improve the performance of the earphone.
How to turn on headphones
So entry-level friends often ask, "Do I need a burner after buying a favorite headset?" How do I cook my headphones? What kind of music is better? Do you have any recommended music for casserole? "Wait for similar questions. In fact, I do not believe that there will be a final conclusion on how to answer these questions, but the cooker is really necessary for many headphones. It can really accelerate the maturity of headphones to a certain extent and give full play to their sound characteristics.
Is it necessary to turn on headphones?
So we first need to understand the word "cooker", and introduce the principle and some methods of the cooker to you. I believe that you will have a good understanding after reading, and for how to cook, I believe that we should be able to master a certain way.
Why go to the cooker?
In fact, the cooker is not only for headphones, but also for the running-in of audio equipment. But audio equipment may not be within the scope of consumption of ordinary young consumers. It may be more popular with a small number of enthusiasts who love music. Headphones are much more popular, because most people need a headset to listen to music, whether they have a fever or not. Although there is not much difference in method and theory, we don't mention the concept of audio much, mainly talking about the earphone.
How to turn on headphones
Headphone unit diaphragm
As mentioned earlier, the internal components of a new audio and headset are relatively new. Because they are not in a better state when they are used, they must be immature in sound performance. The process of the cooker is to artificially accelerate the aging of the equipment to achieve a stable state. For headphone products, it does not have as many transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors and other devices as the audio system. It is mainly a folding ring of the cooker vibration film, so it is relatively simpler in principle.
The diaphragm and voice coil of headphones are made of high-compliance materials. The internal structure of the diaphragm and voice coil is not so stable at the initial stage of qualitative analysis. Therefore, the compliance of the diaphragm and voice coil of headphones is relatively small, that is, they are relatively rigid. Only after a long time of movement can the distance between molecules be widened and the distribution become more uniform, then the cis-conformity can be increased. The new headphone products will be more distorted because the mechanical compliance of the diaphragm folding ring is not so good. They are low bass potential, low volume, medium frequency is not soft enough, high pitch is rough and sharp, etc.
The voice coil of headphones
After a period of time, the smoothness will gradually improve, the distortion will gradually reduce to a reasonable level, and all aspects of the sound will reach a more comfortable level, much more relaxed. So theoretically speaking, earphone is still very necessary, earphone can really make the sound mature more quickly and stably to a level it should play normally. It's not hard to understand why many people ask some questions about headphones after they buy them.
Cooker is not a factor that makes the sound go up dramatically.
Earphone is a kind of artificial way, in fact, abnormal use of the way to accelerate the aging of its internal diaphragm to the mature stage, so when you buy it, you need to let the earphone work continuously for a period of time to achieve this acceleration process, if we use it normally, it may be much slower than this continuous mode of work. In fact, if we don't rush headphones into a rapid maturity stage and listen to them naturally, it will naturally enter a maturity stage after a few months.
It seems necessary that high quality headphones need a cooker.
But many people can't wait to get their earphones into this stage, so burning earphones has become a way for them to "ripen". Another point of view is that only new headphones need to be cooked, and most people do. Few people go to cook headphones that have been listening to for a long time. In fact, even the earphones that have been cooked need a certain time to adapt to each time they listen to the sound, about a quarter of an hour. It can be said that this is its preheating period. It is a truth that athletes need to preheat before the competition. Only when the preheating is good, can they reach a better state and produce a better sound quality.
How to turn on headphones
Low-end headphones may not have much effect if they are turned on.
Another point worth emphasizing is that not all headphones will get excellent sound after they are cooked, because this is also closely related to the quality of the headphones themselves. Some headphones will change their voice after they are cooked, but some headphones will not be too prominent after they are cooked, which is also the normal stage. The purpose of the cooker is to accelerate the aging of the vibrating film and quickly enter a stable state. It would be a bit metaphysical to think that the cooker can greatly improve the sound quality. Good sound depends on other factors, such as the sound source, rather than the acceleration of the physical maturity of the headset itself, which is a small factor that can be fully realized.
Specific steps and methods of cooker
As for the specific steps of the cooker, there are also detailed tutorials on the internet, which are easy to collect. The most widely circulated and accepted method should be implemented in the following five steps:
1. Shujin uses one third of the normal volume intensity to drive headphones for 12 hours (better sweep signal with 100-1500Hz/5s)
2. Tongluo uses two-thirds of normal auditory intensity to drive headphones for 12 hours (better with 50-1800Hz/3s sweep signal)
3. Use normal auditory intensity to drive headphones for 72 hours (20-2000Hz/2s sweep signal is better)
4. Use four-thirds of the normal sound intensity to drive the headphones for 24 hours (better with 18-2200Hz/1s sweep signal)
5. Enter the normal use stage: It is worth noting that our headphones can not be purchased and kept burning to wait for their completion of relegation, each time the cooker time should not be too long, after a period of continuous work, we need to let the headphones rest and continue. Because there is resistance in the sound source, it will heat up after a long time of work and burn the voice coil seriously.
At the beginning of the machine, the volume is not easy to be too large, normal volume can be, because the diaphragm of the earphone is a relatively fragile material, the volume is too large to make the coil travel larger, pulling the diaphragm movement will cause the loosening of the voice coil and the flat or even tearing of the diaphragm and other phenomena. Don't underestimate the volume of the earphone. It is very important for the earphone. If the earphone is not cooked properly, it may cause physical damage to the earphone, such as power overload, excessive amplitude leading to physical damage such as diaphragm flapping, which is difficult to repair. So proper volume is necessary.
Some Notable Matters about Cooker
In addition, it is worth noting that although there are no strict restrictions on the music of the casserole, MP3 is certainly not feasible, because music has been compressed into MP3 format in the process of subtracting the bass and treble parts, and the purpose of the casserole is to give full play to the performance of these bass and treble, so using MP3 music to burn the machine can only be regarded as a waste of effort. If you use a music cooker, it is better to choose CD recordings or APE, FLAC and other non-destructive music formats.
Many friends will ask what kind of music the headphones use. Of course, the choice of music may be more noteworthy, but there is no rule on what kind of music to use. At the beginning, we should try our best to choose some softer and soothing music, avoid using dynamic music to stimulate new headphones, and rock and dance music is still too exciting. The bass component in modern electronic music is too strong, which may cause physical damage to some high-sensitivity headphones due to overload. Of course, we don't recommend those music for you.
Some friends like to use the pink noise of the radio to cook the machine, and they are sure that this method is good. It's also a way to connect the headphones to the radio and jump to a frequency without radio. The "hissing" sound can also make the headphones not work. But it seems that this method is not very significant. There are also some ways to use software to burn the computer. But it's better to listen to music with the headphones directly, and use the sound more quickly. Le Yue Natural Cooker may be a better way.
Still, earphone burning is a way to speed up and stabilize the performance of earphones, and make them perform better. It does have some scientific basis, and there are also some methods of earphone burning. But not many people think it can greatly improve the sound quality of headphones, if you hold this view, maybe it will be a little disappointing in the end. So we still need to treat the process of cooker rationally. If we don't live too fast, then we can listen normally. Of course, it's not necessary to use some methods of cooker. But don't go astray and turn the normal process into metaphysics. Then there is no scientific method to be based on.

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